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In the Episode 37 preview of Love Like The galaxy, at the end of the video, you must have seen Ling Buyi saying “If the fifth princess didn’t slip it out, how long are you planning to hide this from me? ”

Love Like The Galaxy Episode 37 preview Explanation

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#Ling Buyi is mad at Niaoniao in Love Like The Galaxy || Episode 37 preview Explanation #love, #loveudad, #mylove, #lovehim, love,vevo,cole,love vevo, 2022

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15 thoughts on “#Ling Buyi is mad at Niaoniao in Love Like The Galaxy || Episode 37 preview Explanation #love 2022”
  1. It will take sometime for niaoniao to really tell zisheng about her pain, coz she don’t want to involve him with the revenge she is just so pure. She too has fears she might not be able to get the revenge she wants. Just saying, but overall the drama is so wonderful and so far the best I’ve ever watched. The 2 lead actors are quite impressive and look really good together, they captured our attention and made us feel really infused. Great job and more drama together. ❤️❤️❤️🌹

  2. Oh, thanks for your nice and valuable review.
    Misunderstanding is silent killer of a relationship. 😶😓

  3. Not watched the spoiler but, I hope he distances himself for a while. Character shows no respect for her partner or understanding for where she is and the people involved and the potential consequences of her behaviour. Everything her mother said when trying to stop the engagement, she has displayed. This is the Royal family. You don’t just “take revenge” or “look after” yourself. See how quickly the “nice’, ‘soft” Empress, at the end of ep 36, told her to leave her Palace. That is her daughter after all. Niaw2 parents and partner could be punished. Her partner told her to leave issues to him and, repeatedly told her to stay out of Palace intrigues. Even in the present day, there are situations that one must handle with discretion. This is not about female emancipation. She did not tell her partner what happened to her so they can discuss how to respond. Lots of previous comments about how Ayao won’t be able to handle her, that she is better off with Buyi. Well, Buyi can’t either. The Emperor/Empress/Concubine in the story are much nicer (so far) than in other stories. Otherwise, the consequences of this character’s behaviour would have been severe. I am yet to see episode 37 etc, so someone might save her, but still, the character needs to reassess her behaviour. Even the Royal parents chastise their children about their behaviour. That is because there are expected standards as befitting their position.
    So far, no character development.

  4. Shaoshang is so hard headed and stubborn I don’t blame Ling Buyi a bit. Eager to watch that particular scene this coming Tuesday.

  5. Fr this…I agree wit Buyi , caused Niao² always do something without thinking properly…she need a lesson fr this…not all things goes around what we want…

  6. Not telling her husband is wrong cos the Palace is a deadly place and they can easily hurt her or kill her,I totally understand buyi’s anger.

  7. I don’t want her to be down their for her husband to control , but,having witnessed this palace now, how things work,she must realise that she needed to listen to her hubby,though they are engaged , she still treats him like a outsider and without respect upon that the genaral treats her super well,I don’t think she will ever get any man like Buyi, she should stop playing with her blessings and learn to cherish it, everyone wants her man , yet she is not defending her price,she is a real fool, she trusts and help others more than she helps and protect her man,that is stupid.

  8. The ML is overprotective and the FL is not a damsel in distress, even if she’s in distress she can protect herself. I like the FL because she’s strong and smart, not the smartest but she’s learning. The best way to protect someone you loved is to teach them how to protect themselves. I totally disagree with the ML here lol

  9. Thank you for your review. He is so correct and I’m glad he is walking away from her even though we know its temporary. She could have died and no matter how many times he has told her he will protect her and to confide in him she refuses to listen. Now she must suffer some consequences but I dont know if it will help her to see how foolish she is and how important his love is to her.

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