LIVE Fed Chair Jerome Powell testifies before Senate Banking Committee on monetary policy 62222 Businessnews business 2022

#LIVE: Fed Chair Jerome Powell testifies before Senate Banking Committee on monetary policy — 6/22/22 Business News 2022, #entrepreneur #success #marketing

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The Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee holds a hearing on the semiannual monetary policy report to Congress. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testifies before the committee on fighting inflation and the state of the economy.

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LIVE: Fed Chair Jerome Powell testifies before Senate Banking Committee on monetary policy — 6/22/22

#LIVE: Fed Chair Jerome Powell testifies before Senate Banking Committee on monetary policy — 6/22/22 Business News 2022, #entrepreneurship #startup #businessman

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27 thoughts on “#LIVE: Fed Chair Jerome Powell testifies before Senate Banking Committee on monetary policy — 6/22/22 #Businessnews #business 2022”
  1. Powell getting ripped apart in the first few mins…then shamelessly defending himself

  2. I’ll never forget I signed up for a free college bank account from Citi bank. Then during 2020 that free bank account switched, I was a broke college student studying medicine taking out max student loans. My roommates decided to leave and I had to pick up the cost of the house we were renting. The bank started charging ridiculous fees for simply not having enough money in the account. Before I knew it I had 200$ in fees simply for being poor. They changed the rules (withdraw limits new fees) all while being bailed out by the government. This is why bitcoin and crypto is the future. The banking system is a sick illusion, they act like they are helping folks but what they are really doing is stealing from the most vulnerable and diluting our money supply.

  3. More of a politician than an economist. Although the Fed did a terrible job, the guy does a good job in terms of the politics.

  4. Powell has always worked for the Elite. He has ensured that the Elite were able to borrow $Trillions at interest rates less than inflation.
    He is destroying the value of our money and creating huge inflation. Powell is like a thief who promises to steal less. He is still a thief

  5. I blame everyone for spending the stimulus checks and sitting on their ass for months. It’s so funny to see old retired people who don’t work anymore and young idiots who refuse to work cry about inflation while they have their hands out for their fixed income.

  6. Powell and Federal politicians have intentionally destroyed the value of our money. Inflation is much worse than the official government reports. Inflation makes all the economic numbers go up, so politicians say there is not a recession; but millions of Americans cannot afford the basics that are necessary for a normal decent life. We are in a DEPRESSION!!!

  7. A democracy is only as good as the majority of voters.
    This is what Americans want
    For whatsoever they sow, that shall they also reap.

  8. As a real estate worker I think this whole thing is a show because they have to do them. Government workers and high executives are the only ones who can afford high demand markets 70% of the population, future is bleak.

  9. Literally all Congress does is cry whine complain and look for someone to point the finger at.

  10. United States hasn’t been sovereign in 109 years since it handed over control to the dynastic transnational banking cartels.

  11. Blame the United States for inflation and gas prices, not Russia. Terrible job Powell, not to mention nobody brings up the corruption, disgusting. Oh and you took my nurse practitioner job, working with native Americans on a reservation where I was terribly needed and wanted, from me with your unconstitutional vacc mandate!

  12. Mrs Sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  13. This moron is driving America into ground! He is the worst fed chair ever in us history! Don’t expect anything good happened!

  14. It was fun to observe the progression of “messaging” by the illegal Xiden regime and their lapdogs in the globalist “media” who told us inflation was 1. not a real risk, 2. a good thing, 3. only rich people’s problem, 4. temporary, 5. transitory, 6. top priority for president Potato, 7. to “stop complaining about it on social media” (Yahoo Finance Morning Brief from Wednesday, June 8, 2022), 8. “a pain” (CNBC news report from Thursday, June 9, 2022).

  15. As much as the FED cocked it up with rates, poor Papa Powell having a ROUGH time right now with the finger pointing!

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