Thanks for watching and letting me open up about what this last year has looked like for me.
Stay tuned for part 2.
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If you or someone you know is going through DV, mental health or any related topics please reach out to the numbers below.
DV hotline (800) 978-3600
List of shelters in LA area
MH hotline (800) 854-7771

By isa

20 thoughts on “Living My Nightmare (Part 1)”
  1. I want to see u like after 2 years from now, the most successful strong ass woman in the whole world i believe in you ❤️ you are my inspiration girl I’m still stuck in my miserable liife.. wish me luck too

  2. This version of YOU I’m loving !!! You seem so much more independent and confident and all together a better version of you!!🤗 In a nice way ❤️

  3. So glad you found the strength to leave, many don’t. Looking forward to seeing where this next chapter takes you. 💗

  4. Now this video is real 💯 . Thank you for opening up and sharing not only the good moments but also the bad , not a lot of influencers do that they paint this picture that there relationships/life’s are perfect but no one knows what really goes on in people every day lives. Thanks for the motivation ❤️

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