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Mario Strikers Battle League is something else! We need to talk about it, before it hits Nintendo Switch later this week! GMM is your number one source for the latest Nintendo Switch news, new Nintendo Switch leaks, new Nintendo Direct 2022, and so much more!

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24 thoughts on “#Mario Strikers Is NOT For Kids… For Kids 2022, #forkids #handmade #kids #baby”
  1. mario strikers battle league doesn’t have the edgy and really hardcore feel of the other games but it still is a bit hardcore

  2. I remember the old Super Mario Strikers used to be “violent” because of the way the characters behaved.

  3. It bad for kid can not play that Mario it then kid play that game I going to happen to world of kid play soccer kid hit bad the leg break.

  4. Amazing video!! I was really interested in getting this but now ive changed mind roll on the new fire emblem and TMNT shredders revenge!!!!

  5. Smash Bros is easier to pickup and play. It should have been the other way around! I’m thrilled that this game is mechanically deep and it’s gonna have a great competitive scene but it’s just not for me.

  6. I actually really like the idea of nintendo making harder, more hardcore games.

  7. I think this game will appeal to the hardcore gamers. The casual gamers, the ones who brought a switch for animal crossing, no. I think the casual gamers will find the game too difficult and stay away from it.

  8. I was a small fan before I watch this episode and I seen your shirt that would make sure I watch every one of your shows that come up I enjoy your content

  9. It didn’t seem so hardcore to me. If they can play Fifa, Fortnite, GTA, etc. They should do just fine in strikers

  10. It looks like you guys never played fifa games lol. Is pretty much the almost same controller except no juking. Can’t wait to play it this week 🙌. Good video .

  11. Im still on the fence about this game. It is a lot going on with the gameplay, but im sure once ppl get use to it, it will be fine. Or im just trying to cope lolol

  12. I thought the game was good. I like the intensity of it. But I would have to say there is a skill gap and positioning that makes this not a kids game to just jump on. Though the field could be a bit bigger

  13. I’m honestly not surprised at the learning curve that this game has, strikers has always been more of a hardcore, edgy entry in the Mario universe… just how they had the characters portrayed in the original game is telling what they want this series to be and I personally love it because it’s so different… can’t wait to play come launch!

  14. I just don’t like that there’s way to many controls for a simple game of football. I love mario games and football as a big Liverpool football club fan and I’m an adult and still hate all the controls it’s far to much. Much prefer switch sports football so much fun.

  15. I’m glad it’s a challenging game to master. That said, my 6 year old has played a ton of First Kick and loves it.

  16. Honestly doesn’t seem to overwhelming to me but I always liked sports games so I think people that like that genre will excel .. but ask us to play any fighter or Skyrim and we get REKT

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