Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has apologised to a court for forgetting about biography briefing notes she gave to an aide, in her privacy case against the Mail on Sunday’s publishers.

The Appeal Court heard she had asked an aide to pass on information to the authors of a biography – despite having earlier said she “did not contribute” to the work.

Meghan said she had forgotten the events and had not intended to mislead.

Associated Newspapers is trying to overturn a ruling after it published a letter from the duchess to her father.

Meghan, 40, won her privacy case against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday earlier this year, when the High Court found its publication of the letter was unlawful.

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3 thoughts on “Meghan apologises to court for misleading statement in privacy case – BBC News”
  1. My personal opinion she needs to repay a settlement back to the mail on Sunday if they had to pay. She knew she lied to the court.

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