We have the worst inflation in 40 years. Nothing makes sense. Experts now say that we cannot raise interest rates because of the damage that’s been done. The Middle Class is finished. #Inflation #Economy #PeterSchiff #iAllegedly #CarSales #JustLikeTheModel #jeffreyGundlach

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19 thoughts on “Middle Class Getting Wiped Out – Highest Inflation in 40 Years”
  1. Why is gold and silver tanking day after day? Gold and silver are cheaper today than they were 10 years ago.

  2. The people who saves 250 a month, walks down to the bank and make a savings deposit, and puts bills on auto pay, has that 6 months to a year cash set back for emergencies are in real trouble.
    They are now forever stuck in there situation with expenses doubling and housing at 10x valuation. Most companies have already abandoned pensions and social security is all but dried up. Either assets fall or higher wages and subs drive the assets even further. Personal I hope most people use this inflated pricing to sale some and litorally pay ever loan off right now.

  3. Ah..t they Been gone for years. California killed them yrs ago. When rent is more than you make its over. And it was yrs ago.

  4. I tried to sell used furniture, nobody wanted it, even for free. Many people will not take good used furniture even if you would give it to them for free with free delivery. I gave away some to a Charity, they came with their truck and if the furniture had the slightest blemish they would not take it. So I am sick of hearing people whine.

  5. The problem is… this is all by design. They can raise interest rates but they’re trying to crash the dollar & the country

  6. This is a great guy. Have a good day can you not make a business plan to run are own town country. Make this man king and send him as many beautiful girls and let the wine flow. As our new ruler.


    *Miromar Lakes, FL Housing Prices Crater 27% YOY As Mounting Mortgage Defaults And Personal Bankruptcy Filings Soar Across Florida*

  8. Re cars: Just sold an extra car I had, financially made sense as it doesn’t get driven. Current market value was 8k more than it ever will be. No brainer. Sold quick

  9. Anybody who thinks that the economy and this country USA America is good, is seriously in need for a hand examination. Even CEOs from big banks

  10. Home Depot’s in B.C. make it really easy to return items if you lose you receipt, they scan the item being return and then scan your debit or credit card and the info shows up on there system as to when you bought it and then they credit the card back.

  11. Hi Dan, the only people I know waiting for a stimulus check is the single, elderly who live on Soc Sec, with no pension or other income. This is a crisis for them. They live in poverty wages, $1300 a month or less.

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