#Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) #westernmassnews, #interview, #ukraine 2022

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John Oliver discusses the recent monkeypox outbreak in the U.S., how we’ve fumbled our response to it, and some aspirations for this coming autumn.

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#Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Western News, western ukraine, us news, news, #interview, 2022

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56 thoughts on “#Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Western News #dailynews #russiaukraine 2022”
  1. Stopped watching when he implied there was something wrong with Dane Cook marrying a 23 year old. We’re claiming 23 year olds are too young now? What?

  2. Wow!
    That’s messed up!
    Including that people are spreading it through gay and promiscuous sex!

  3. I got a degree in public health for my masters degree. Because of the absolutely disastrous handling of COVID and now monkeypox? I’m done. I understand a lot of them is pressure from whose funding them, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

  4. 8:46 I’m probably the only one who doesn’t know who that is, but can someone tell me know who that it and how I can listen to her rendition of Imagine.

  5. When covid 19 became a thing, people started diagnosing me with it because I lose my voice a lot due to esophageal issues I had since before covid 19 was a thing, people didn’t believe me 🤦

  6. Right I guess you don’t know about the whole island of infected monkeys off the coast of the Carolinas and you won’t want to talk about the monkeys that lab released into the wild last year.

    What a shill you have become

  7. Alex Jones unfairly discredited the actual problem of agricultural runoff disrupting frog populations and the horrifically disappointing EPA is only recently admitting to potential risks, echoing the fairly recent “Nicotine is not addictive” BS

    Oki has a great video on it 😛

  8. maybe std’s and blood diseases should be taken a bit more seriously by the alphabet group? married men have like zero fuc&s to give. just saying

  9. Thank you John. Once again you bring the necessary shedding of light need with a bit of humor also needed.

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