#More Sunspots Appear, DNA Impact of Low Magnetic Field | S0 News Sep.13.2022 #spacex #sciencefacts #sciencememes, Science News 2022

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#More Sunspots Appear, DNA Impact of Low Magnetic Field | S0 News Sep.13.2022 #sciencenews #animalscience #weirdscience, Science News 2022

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  1. Good morning from Toronto .we have rain on the way again .We have an expected high of 21°C and low of 16°C .it’s overcast .Orur prayers go out to those who were shot and killed yesterday and the officer who died.Keep safe everyone

  2. Last night’s was awesome and encouraging. You are astute, Ben, in recognizing that the SOs carry a special burden of knowledge and expectation. I personally have been experiencing strange mental and emotional challenges abnormal to my usual quirky behavior. God asks us to bring our burdens to Him and take upon His yoke, for it is light…so, that’s what I am doing. Have a wonderful day with family & friends! You are Loved 😇💕

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