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Hush hush little JJ its time for bed! JJ has a big day tomorrow but first its bedtime! Sing along to CoComelon’s Latest bedtime song for kids!

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Hush little JJ, it’s time for bed
Go to sleep and rest your head

La la da dum

And if you can’t go to sleep
Papa’s gonna help you count some sheep

La la la la

You search for gifts all around
Mom says go sleep safe and sound

La la da dum

If you tiptoe down the stairs
Papa’s gonna carry you back up there

La la la la
Dad: Shhhhhhh
JJ: Shhhhhhh

Balloons wait for you to sleep
Papa says, not another peep

La la da dum

Your birthday is a special treat
Mama says, get some rest my sweet

La la la la

Though you still keep sneaking down
You’re still the sweetest little babe in town…
Tag: Still the sweetest little babe in town

La, la, la. La. la . la…
Hush, little JJ, it’s time for bed…”

We believe all kids should have access to good quality entertainment – regardless of geography, culture, background or abilities. This is why we are making our hugely popular kids shows available to all kids in ASL.

Watching good quality kids’ shows can be a great support in a child’s development. It is a way to explore emotions in a safe space, learn about relating to other people and about basic concepts such as vocabulary and counting.

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About Moonbug:

Moonbug Entertainment is behind some of the most popular kids’ titles in the world. Moonbug’s shows include global sensations CoComelon, Blippi, Little Baby Bum, My Magic Pet Morphle, Supa Strikas, Go Buster, Playtime with Twinkle, Gecko’s Garage, ARPO and many more. Moonbug’s titles are available in 27 languages on all major streaming platforms.

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#Night Before Birthday | MyGo! Sign Language For Kids | CoComelon – Nursery Rhymes | ASL For Kids, #fun #instamama #design #babygirl 2022

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