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20 thoughts on “Only the refs saw this play in the national championship, a breakdown”
  1. I had NO idea they gave the wrong hat to that player! What a classic! Thank you once again Jomboy for catching what we fail to see in actual time!

  2. Driving from GA to the game was totally worth it

  3. GA had to battle not only Bama, but crooked Refs, biased Media coverage, covid, & still still came out on top! Love they stuck it to the pundits & crooked ncaa refs!

  4. Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins. All you have to do is believe in him and you will be saved. ❤ ✝️

  5. LT got lucky he didn’t get a false start on that go ahead TD for Georgia. He definitely flinched. Defense should’ve jumped across then and not just flinch, themselves.

  6. The fact the ref saw this right the first time was insane. Insane how bad nfl refs are as someone who rarely watches college games.

  7. 0:02 Ball don’t lie. The ball traveled UP and IN THE AIR FOR 10 YARDS!!!!!!!! HOW is that NOT an incomplete pass?!?!

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