Optimistic Spike For LINK ETH Merge Pushed AGAIN Cyrpto bitcoin btc News 2022

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Today we will be discussing Ethereum’s Ropsten testnet being successfully being implemented with just a few more months left till the public merge. Next we’ll look at Chainlink revealing LINK 2.0 roadmap that will introduce staking to the protocol, and last we’ll talk about Dish Satellite Network launching a loyalty coin system built on the Cardano blockchain.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Gareth Soloway, Crypto Taco, Jayson Casper & Andrew Mo. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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Gareth Soloway:

Andrew Mo:

Jayson Casper:

Crypto Taco:

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#Optimistic Spike For LINK (ETH Merge Pushed AGAIN?!) Cyrpto News 2022, #dogecoin #eth #ethereum #instagood Guides

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22 thoughts on “#Optimistic Spike For LINK (ETH Merge Pushed AGAIN?!) #Cyrpto, #bitcoin, #btc News 2022”
  1. Need to minimize names/nicknames of each speaker when showing charts, Gareth Soloway chart on LINK low end was completely blocked by his name and Youtube tag. Chart explanation one of most important parts of entire video on ANY video. Thanks-Backseat STAFF

  2. Stop talking about your 4 year cycle please! Your not right Ben. If we would’ve never had covid, Russia war , inflation and ect do you really believe yourself when you say Bitcoin will still be in the 30k area? Didn’t you say were going below 25k again? I’ll wait! You so busy trying to be right it’s sad dude. Stop smoking whatever your on I know a drug head when I see one and u lost drug using weight. Honestly stop it with your 4 year cycle because it’s not accurate and it’s proven till this day so expect it! Your 1 YouTuber with a team of 30 and you still can’t predict anything so stop. And again no one believes you I hope you know that? Y’all need to let Deezy run y’all channel because your word in the crypto word doesn’t mean shit. We come to watch Deezy not you but I see the hate because people like him more then you and your cycles smh. Were in a market with more money so how can you still go off old data and cycles? Probably to buy more which I can see you do as the scum bag u are with all your scam pumps u done which I don’t hear you talk about no more 🤔

  3. Sure, Chainlink has the strongest use case of almost anything in crypto, but as an investment?! It’s just so….lame.

  4. Eth 2.0 has been canned.. it’s just POS merge, none of the other promised features are happening.. hens why it’s no-longer called eth2.0..
    I think everybody is in for a big surprise as there is no withdrawals and no cheaper fees post merge… just loss of decentralization and security and the ruling class taking full control..

  5. If you people do not protect BITCOIN from this ESG garbage theCRYPTO market becomes the BOGUS SOCK market.

  6. Band Protocol does the same as chainlink has 10 times less max supply is listed on all exchanges including coinbase and has staking enabled – so as is implemented by Google – and building – currently very underrated – just my oppinion 🙂 as if it will reach chainlinks marketcap it will cost $100 + per BAND token

  7. severe laws for blockchain attacks pump and dumpters corp monopoly and freedom block by block commerce code long live freedom

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