PMQs The UK economy is lagging behind says SNP leader Ian Blackford Economy News 2022 economynews russiaukraine economy

#PMQs: ‘The UK economy is lagging behind’, says SNP leader Ian Blackford #economy #economics #world, Economy News 2022

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Leader of of the Scottish National Party in Westminster, Ian Blackford MP, pressed the Prime Minister about the biggest rail strikes in more than three decades, as inflation jumped a 40-year high of 9.1%.

He said that “the Tories have left the UK economy in the doldrums”.

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#PMQs: ‘The UK economy is lagging behind’, says SNP leader Ian Blackford #wealth #future #politics #usa #realestate, Economy News 2022

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14 thoughts on “#PMQs: ‘The UK economy is lagging behind’, says SNP leader Ian Blackford Economy News 2022, #economynews #russiaukraine #economy”
  1. yes your brit economy is s***t
    and the SNP leader is not the only one saying it, all the experts as well

  2. In a multipolar world, global britain doesnt make any sense and is of course inflationary because of the cost of energy and borders paperwork processing. The world of 2022 is very different from the world of 2015 and Brexit was a very shortsighted move. Not to mention that renewed borders lead to renewed divisions and tensions as shown in Ireland, Scotland, but also Gibraltar and dusts of Empire everywhere in the world.

  3. Ian Blackford “” secret tape”” supporting an SNP MP who made sexual advances to “”another man”” Oh dear

  4. Official figures on growth has the UK in 2021 ahead of France, Italy, Spain and Germany. The whole EU had negative growth in 2021. He is lying. But that’s what they do. Throw enought s&%t, and some will stick.

  5. Once again, the Tories are trashing the UK economy. Higher inflation than European economies, flat export growth versus competitive economies, smallest predicted future economic growth apart from Russia, highest tax burden for decades, upwards wages pressure without productivity increases as a direct result of labour shortages arising from post Brexit immigration policy, worst ever control of borders, no custom control over imports thereby violating WTO rules, friction with EU over NI economy which is actually doing well. Need I go on?

  6. That bloke is an absolute melt………Blackford should stay up in Scotland……. does he think we don’t know what’s happened, we are a year after a COVID pandemic and where the government has propped up businesses as much as it could, furloughed workers, a war has started which has pushed up global gas and electric prices, i agree that we have a poorer country but we cannot just slam a government because of world events…….the SNP are desperate for headlines, because they have all the wrong ones in Scotland with the Ferry chaos, Scotrail before the strikes, education failures and the ever increasing drug deaths…….I could go on, and on…….but I won’t!

  7. At this point I’m so ashamed of Boris maybe England should be part of Scotland ? Let’s vote SNP at least I respect them and they dont lie to our faces

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