Want a sneak peek at how your adventure in the Hisui region will look, Trainers? 🤩

Check out this new gameplay preview ahead of the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Friday, January 28!


By beatrix

20 thoughts on “Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Gameplay Preview”
  1. Wish the game had unique towns/cities to visit but based on the story nothing is established yet in the region. Otherwise excited to where this leads in future series.

  2. Some interesting things that I saw regarding pokemon moves and stats. Stealth rock does damage, and splinters into the pokemon. Maybe they’re changing how this will be from now on and make this like Fire Spin/Whirlpool/Infestation/etc? Since it completely invalidates numerous pokemon and almost cripples 4 types entirely, it’d be nice for a stealth rock change. Or maybe it’ll just be for this game, who knows?

    These stats are WAY higher than normal games. I honestly have no idea what’s going on. My only guess is that they’re changing how stats work and are balanced entirely. 52 special attack and 48 speed on level 7 Cyndaquil? Sheeeesh that’s a big change

  3. I want to be excited but it still looks so bland and dated. Pokémon needs either new hardware or more development time

  4. the music choice here is wack, how am I supposed to be hype for a good soundtrack if you can’t get the trailer’s music correct

  5. Oshawott tackles Shinx.

    Shinx: *looks around*

    Lol he’s like is anyone seeing this!? This weird creature shows up, hits me with a rock and then magically summons a dude to hit me?

  6. Oh my, I thought this game will be bad, but thank you for releasing this video. Hope this game is hard!

    Also Stealth rock had changed wtf.

  7. vast open world, but empty, graphics look like early access gameplay very surprised when Breath of the wild is the complete opposite

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