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4 thoughts on “<p>POLAND IN NEWS SPECIAL EDITION | 24.02.2022 | TVP WORLD</p> 2022”
  1. Citizens of all countries, listen to us, Ukrainians!!! Russian Federation has initiated a whole-scaled war against Ukraine! The Armed Forces of Ukraine is standing against it. But we need your help! You’ve got much more influence than you can imagine. Require publicly your government to provide military assistance to Ukraine! allies MUST COVER THE SKY over Ukraine to intercept all aggressor missiles IMMEDIATELY! Please, this is a war not only against Ukraine, this is a war against all mankind!
    Join the peacefull rallies! Talk to the foreigners you know. Reach out to your friends abroad.
    Urge them to unite and join protests. Or even create new ones!
    Please, follow and share information about the real situation in Ukraine among your friends

  2. Poland needs to send soldiers to the capital do you not think that if Putin sizes Kiev he’s not going to attack Poland? Just wait mark my words Putin’s going to attack Poland and we had the advantage of helping Ukraine but no one’s going to help Ukraine we’re going to wait till it’s too late!

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