Ruto Locked Out By Raila DAP Move: In a move that that takes everybody by surprise, legislators Eseli Simiyu & Wafula Wamunyinyi unveil a new party after their Ford K exit. The new party is Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K). But those not familiar with Mulembe nation politics miss the real significance of the move and why it locks out all opposition to Raila in Western Kenya in 2022. This master stroke of genius explained…

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3 thoughts on “Ruto And OKA Locked Out Of Western By Raila And DAP Kenya: Here’s How | Ruto Raila | OKA”
  1. Chris I miss the bukusu politicians like the late Wamalwa kijana, Noah Wekesa, msikari kombo, Wafula wamunyinyi, Eseli Simiyu, eurgine Wamalwa, Alfred Wekesa sambu I was surprised and excited seeing Mr Wafula wamunyinyi has collected himself he is a no joke when it comes to politics even wetang’ula knows him very well. I even saw my MP Dan Wanyama with the dp but this tym round I haven’t seen him I think something good is cooking because by now no one is allowed to wear yellow t-shirt whenever you will be seen you will be beaten. Infact in bungoma we have a solar company called Sunking they have been using yellow t-shirts but by now they have been forced to change from yellow to black because of being beaten yaani any yellow t-shirt or kape is not allowed in bungoma

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