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Stephen Wolfram hosts a live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about the history of science and technology for all ages. Find the playlist of Q&A’s here:

Originally livestreamed at:

If you missed the original livestream of this episode, feel free to submit a question you would like Stephen to answer in a future Q&A livestream here:

00:00 Start stream
1:06 SW begins talking
1:19 ​As Wolfram Language grows, will the number of lines of code every shrink? What could cause such a trend?
15:55 ​Scientists are trying to elucidate the origins of life on earth. the current focus is exploring ‘RNA world’. This occurred 4.5 billion years ago. Could there have dimensional fluctuations back then?
28:49 Why are small children able to spin around so quickly without getting dizzy while adults become nauseous?
39:23 Do we still need the appendix? Are there any parts in our body that we “evolved away”?
44:34 Is science getting harder? Are ideas getting harder to find?
54:03 yes, the more we’ve learned, the more we’ve learned that there’s a lot more to learn
1:01:10 ​How ironic then, that Albert Einstein started his revolution in physics while working in a patent office!
1:07:36 One thing that interests me is predicting what the future will look like (Alan Turing predicted computers capable of playing chess 50 years from when he said that and sure enough by 1997 they invented

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#Science & Technology Q&A for Kids (and others) [Part 96] For Kids, #fun #instamama #design #babygirl 2022

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