Sean Hannity 6922 FOX NEWS Trump Latest News June 9 2022 breakingnews newsbreaking 2022

#Sean Hannity 6/9/22 |FOX NEWS Trump Latest News June 9, 2022 Breaking news 2022, #breakingnews #newsbreaking

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Sean Hannity 6/9/22 |FOX NEWS Trump Latest News June 9, 2022
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#Sean Hannity 6/9/22 |FOX NEWS Trump Latest News June 9, 2022 Breaking news 2022, #russiaukrainewar #breaking #battle

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  1. January 6 th a total rubbish fake theatre charges why because they don’t wN5 trump back in 2024 that would mean trump won 3 elections that they can’t handle these people are chronic liars the democrats are criminals along with m4 Biden crimes and destruction h3 has caused since being installed

  2. Give it up man 🤣 stop it fool you call yourself crook 🇺🇸 you are un-American and need to get off the air with your lying self. You are a sorry ass soul you are less than a man.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong here Sean but The National Guard is a bunch of federal troops that are under federal jurisdiction not under police local jurisdiction unless president trump is willing to surrender The jurisdiction to the DC police Oh yes and one more detail that means he wouldn’t control them President trump that is. And since the National Guard didn’t show up for about 6 hours after the riot started we know how that went wanna e** p**** a** b****

  4. Let all of the innocent people go that were at the capital they are in jail for doing nothing wrong this was a huge Set up by Nancy chucks and th3 the shi5 Schumer are all guilty of causing a criminal to almost kill kavanaugh

  5. The nasty nine all sitting on their roost throwing out shit that’s not true will all be judged by god fo4 all their lies and deception

  6. Keep covering up trump crimes sean low life liar traitor to the people cover up the inserection your afrsid your viewers will see the crimes


  8. “Paper Dolls Show” A fitting name for a channel that copies, edits and reposts others BS video

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