Pencilmate has some interesting visitors in his backyard in this silly cartoon for kids. Will he learn how to share his space?

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Executive Producer – Ross Bollinger
Producer – Brien Hart
Associate Producer – Ama Bollinger
Story – Brien Hart
Script – Brien Hart
Storyboards – Katie Figaratto
Lead Animation – Enrique Padrón Brito
Inbetween Animation – Enrique Padrón Brito
Director – Francis Florencio
Voice Characterization – Joe Porter & Keshini Mesha
Music – Michael Picher
Palette – Matthew Benham
Layouts – Brien Hart
Backgrounds – Dalton Muniz
Sound Design – Mario Morellón Benito
Animation Revisions – Mike Campbell
Coloring – Olivia Pearce
Animatic – Laverne Moi
Compositing – Sean Wolfe
Production Manager – Tess Mendoza
Head of Production – Valentin Prossliner
Production Coordinators – Greg Pearce, Tyler S. Woll & Hunter Webster
Production Analyst – Cameron Jones
Thumbnail Illustrator – Ridge Idzikowski
Compilation Editor – Tiffany Kao

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