Dreamer the Sleepy Dog loves to go on wonderful sleep meditation adventures, and tonight he is inviting you to join him in this fun and calming bedtime story for kids. This friendly pooch will guide you to a beautiful place in nature, where you will explore and play to your heart’s content and even discover the mysterious tree hollow of blessings, before falling happily asleep.

In this sleep meditation for kids, children will love feeling confident, happy and highly capable as they explore a dreamy parkland and enchanted forest with their positive new dog friend. After having so much fun together on this wonderful journey, Dreamer will guide kids home to fall fast asleep and dream the night away feeling so very peaceful.

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As a relaxing sleep aid, this calm sleep story for children is ideal for reducing insomnia, anxiety, stress, worry, overthinking and restlessness, and is also wonderful for developing creativity and expanding your child’s richest imagination. We think it’s so relaxing, even grown ups can join in and listen along, for the super enjoyable, happiest sleep time fun!


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This sleep meditation for kids is spoken with a gentle female voice, accompanied with relaxing sleep music in the background, to help soothe and calm all little ones as they drift off into their most contented, easy and restful, deep sleep …

All of our Happy Minds sleep meditations and bedtime stories are specially designed to help children feel safe and at ease. Each experience is intended as a tool for kids to learn how to let go of the physical and mental demands from their busy days. Our guided meditation messages are always positive, so you can trust we are bringing you and your children only the very best for positive development and bedtime’s total peace.

Thank you for joining our positive sleep meditation and bedtime stories community, we truly hope you enjoy this enchanting bedtime story for kids to meet Dreamer the Sleepy Dog.


Sleep Meditation for Kids DREAMER THE SLEEPY DOG Bedtime Story for Kids

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Meditation Music: “Adrift” – by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. christopherlloydclarke.com.
Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

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