Smithsburg MD mass shooting Multiple victims suspect no longer a threat LiveNOW from FOX breakingnews newsbreaking 2022

#Smithsburg, MD mass shooting: ‘Multiple victims’ & suspect no longer a threat | LiveNOW from FOX Breaking news 2022, #breakingnews #newsbreaking

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UPDATE: Officials confirm at least three killed in workplace shooting.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office says officials responded to a report of a shooting in Smithsburg, MS. At this time the officials confirm that there are multiple victims and the suspect is no longer a threat to the community.

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#Smithsburg, MD mass shooting: ‘Multiple victims’ & suspect no longer a threat | LiveNOW from FOX Breaking news 2022, #russiaukrainewar #breaking #battle

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87 thoughts on “#Smithsburg, MD mass shooting: ‘Multiple victims’ & suspect no longer a threat | LiveNOW from FOX #breakingnews #newsbreaking 2022”
  1. Every election year, and more so when dems are in power there are mass shooting almost every other day… weird. On another note, sorry to the families and victims of these senseless shootings.
    Arm yourself American, the worst is yet to come.

  2. Hmmmmm…it’s an election year and things are so bad with $5.00 gas and record inflation, a conflict with Russia being handled poorly and all of a sudden these shootings start happening literally right around when most people start seeing campaign ads. The party currently in power in congress lean heavily on “gun control” as a part of their platform and it’s literally one of the only things they can talk about and not be confronted with evidence that their policies are failing miserably. Guaranteed this and the other incidents start making it into campaign ads for candidates who belong to a party that starts with the letter “D.” And they’ll be saying a gun ban would have prevented all of this when, in fact, this is not “gun violence” at all….this is senseless violence committed by a deranged person. There is no such thing as “gun violence”…that implies that guns can be violent on their own. When a crowd of protestors gets tazed or gets the fire hose turned on them they don’t call it “electrical violence” or “water violence”….they call it police violence because that’s who is controlling the totally inanimate object that is used to do harm.

  3. Once they take your guns, you’ll never be able to say no, you’ll be nothing more then a slave to the elite. It’s our protection from tyranny

  4. In other countries with more strict gun regulations most murders are gang related ( as they will get hold of weapons regardless ), robberies that escalated ( which claim 1 or 2 victims), or crimes of passion (again 1 or 2 victims), but majority is gang/ underworld violence

    . But unstable psychos that want to kill children or shoot dozens of people and then suicide is what US gun laws enable. People like this are weird loners and wont be part of gangs or any type of organized crime.

    Better screening process. Increase age for gun acquisition. Waiting period of 5 years with excellent conduct before applying for higher caliber and/or higher rate of fire weapons. SOMETHING needs to be done – we should be ashamed.

    Ps. You don’t really need powerful weapons to defend yourself in most situations that could be managed by a civilian. If the government or a gang targets you, your rifles wont matter at all

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