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NASA ne kaha hai space elevator ka concept scientifically possible hai aur isliye Japan ke The Obayashi Corporation ne yeh announce kiya ki woh 2050 tak hamara ye sapna poora karne waale hai aur china ne ek step aage badh ke yeh kaha ki woh iss elevator ko 2045 tak banane ki koshish karenge.
Iss space elevator ko banana ka kharcha 10 billion dollars bataya jaa raha hai aur ye elevator space mein samaan phonchane ke kharche ko 7000$ per kilo se ghata kar 50 dollars per kilo tak le aayega.
Researchers ke mutabik ,Isse ultra strong carbon fibre graphene ki madad se banaya jaa sakta hai jo steel se 200 times stronger hai but iss elevator ko banane mein ek bada problem hoga hamare dwara failaya gaya space debris jo iss elevator se takrane par isko ko tahas nahas kar sakta hai.
But scientists ne kaha hai ki proper planning aur research ke saath iss khatre se bacha jaa sakta hai aur isliye International space station mein iss elevator se jude experiments ki planning shuru ho chuki hai aur agar sab sahi raha toh ham apne lifetime ke andar ek button daba ke space pohonche ki sambhavna sach ho jaaegi. Ispe detailed video dekhna hai toh hamare description pe jaaiye.

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