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Tune in for a Splatoon 3 Direct presentation featuring roughly 30 minutes of information about this splatastic game for Nintendo Switch.


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#Splatoon 3 Direct – Nintendo Switch Western News, western ukraine, us news, news, #interview, 2022

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58 thoughts on “#Splatoon 3 Direct – Nintendo Switch Western News #dailynews #russiaukraine 2022”
  1. So hyped for this game. Once I get the money today for my birthday, I’m gonna preorder the heck out of it

  2. Oh mah gawsh
    I totally forgot about splatfests!
    And excuse me-

  3. Takeaways (at least for me):
    Not a huge fan of the new idols, but I don’t hate them. Pearl had a 4head but Frye has a 6head.
    “In-game catalogues” bro just call them battle passes you’re fine
    We wanted apartments…and we got lockers. Better than nothing?
    3-way turf wars sounds really interesting. Excited to see how that plays out.
    The bow looks like a fun sniper weapon, and I can guess what kind of players are going to be using katanas.
    Big paid DLC being announced already is intriguing. They held off announcing it for Splat2, so I wonder what this one will hold.
    Story mode: why are we Agent 3? Isn’t that from Splatoon 1? And why is this specifically the finale? I hope this isn’t the last Splatoon game…
    And on bringing back retro stages…all I wanted was Saltspray Rig…oh well. The others are really solid.

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