Today I am going to talk about how to earn rewards by staking Terra [$LUNA] AND Terra USD [$UST]. Earn between 7% all the way up to 400%.

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0:00 Intro
1:06 Market Overview
3:30 Buy UST and Earn
6:15 Terra Station Wallet
9:00 Anchor Staking
12:27 Liquid Staking Luna
13:30 Borrow Against BLuna
15:49 Deposit in LP with Bluna
17:22 Osmosis LP
18:40 Defi Kingdoms LP
19:55 Summary
21:25 Q&A

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  1. Hi George, can you withdraw your interest from anchor only by withdrawing whole amount that you have deposited in it or is it possible to just withdraw xxx amount for example every week or month? If withdrawing xxx amount every week is possible, does that affect yearly apy? Thanks

  2. When will you have some guests, outside perspectives? Bounching your ideas/opinions with other crypto influencers?

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