Stop the FNAF ARG hunt Western News dailynews russiaukraine 2022

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Hey guys, it’s time to get real for a moment. When I made the last video about the theoretical FNAF ARG, I did not expect the response it generated. My goal with that video was to get some help digging through the game files and find some clues about what was included in the book. Except, that’s not what happened. So, here I am. We need to talk about that video, ARGs, and making sure no one gets hurt for a YouTube video or video game mystery. Let’s talk about it.

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#Stop the FNAF ARG hunt Western News, western ukraine, us news, news, #interview, 2022

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  1. Also make sure to see the new REAL Freddy’s pizza delivery site that is going to be a real* pizza place. *Not real, it’s a ghost restaurant that is using real restaurants to deliver different food.

  2. much respect from me for addressing this in such a responsible way 🙂 The only question I have is why anyone would do this actually in real life :/ it’s just a game. One addition I have is that if for some reason you think you just KNOW that some place like a restaurant IS connected, ask someone politely if you can ask some questions.

  3. It’s also to say this ARG may not even exist. U only speculated there were clues out there. Doesn’t mean there actually r. At this point u better hope there’s an ARG

  4. Dang why you had to do this to this man he didn’t do nothing and now he got to take responsibility you’re sorry bro some of you guys are sorry

  5. Hey The Game Theorist the situation is nothing close to your fault you have been amazing to the community, and have always been responsible. You have gathered so much information for us in a safe and non harassing manner, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything and I love your videos so much, you and the boys have inspired me to start creating some content.

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