The Supreme Court issued a stay of the OHSA vaccine-or-test requirement on private businesses of over 100 workers, but also voted to allow a mandate on certain health care workers.




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19 thoughts on “Supreme Court blocks Biden vaccine-or-test mandate for large businesses l WNT”
  1. Less than 1% of all people who contract c-19 will need to be hospitalized. That’s “vaxxed” and “un-vaxxed”. Over 40% of people currently in the hospital with “covid” are actually in the hospital for a different reason other than c-19. If you’re in the hospital with a broken leg and you’ve tested positive for c-19, you’re considered a “c-19 patient”. They present the numbers in such a way that it scares people, but they don’t actually lie.

  2. The disturbing part is that 3 Supreme Court Justice’s actually voted against the Constitution that they swore an oath to uphold.

  3. Never thought I’d say this but thank God for the conservatives. After this vaccine mandate I won’t be voting left for a long time.

  4. I’m so tired of these partisan hack judges undermining public health. Anyone who refuses to get vaxed should be denied hospital care when they get sick.

  5. Mandates only fuel resistance by freedom-loving Patriots. A market-based approach is what Delta Airlines implemented successfully…analogous to higher health insurance premiums for smokers, higher risk behavior = higher cost Delta Air Lines says its $200 monthly healthcare surcharge helped to achieve a vaccination rate of over 90% of 800,000 employees. According to Delta, “the average hospital stay for COVID-19 has cost Delta $50,000 per person. This surcharge will be necessary to address the financial risk the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company.”

  6. Wait a minute! – the Supreme Court’s recent rulings re VAX mandates can be confusing! The public needs LOTS of clarification!!! – STAT

    While employees may be informed in the coming days as to if/how these rulings apply to them, the PUBLIC needs to know as well – “Can I be assured that those I interact with for health/everyday services – are vaccinated?”

    And how can I, as a concerned family member, responsible for a vulnerable person, be assured that my elders, disabled spouse or sibling, or my child are safe – “What assurance do I have that individuals who serve them daily and in close contact – are vaccinated?”

    What constitutes “health care workers” who are subject to the mandate? Does the mandate apply only to licensed health workers (i.e doctors, RNs, LPNS, OT/PT, etc) in hospitals and other health care settings? Or does it also apply to others employed in those settings who have contact with patients (i.e. receptionists, lab techs, dietary workers, housekeeping and cleaners, activity assistants)? If the intent of the VAX-for-health-care-workers mandate is to protect patients/those who are vulnerable, then it seems it should apply to ALL who work within any health care setting.

    And what constitutes a ‘health care setting’? – hospitals of course, but what about adult care facilities and day centers, doctors’ offices, lab and other testing facilities (i.e. e-rays, mammograms, CAT & MRI scans, colonoscopies) – all of these are defined by close contact with patients or other vulnerable individuals.

    And what about facilities where people are confined, who are vulnerable, and may not have a choice or the ability to choose with whom and how closely they interact. I am thinking of mental health facilities, homes for the disabled, group homes and residential child care facilities, even prisons.

    This isn’t just about the employees’ safety; if the Court doesn’t want to put OSHA in the position of policing a VAX mandate in the work environment, what about the government’s duty to protect vulnerable populations? I would think that advocates for vulnerable populations would be seeking clarity on this – ASAP.

  7. I want to know how this different between chicken pots shots and measles vaccines etc. They Mantatory right in USA?.

  8. after sotomayor absolutely lied and spread dem tard misinformation there could only be 1 outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Corrupt. Two previous rulings by the SC to allow mandates. Now few will want to go to work. There are no risks. They lied. Impeach them.

  10. If you are a healthcare worker do not comply with this. They will allow you a religious or medical exemption but afterwards you will be ostracized with perpetual masks and testing. Remember there are shareholders counting on your compliance. I say quit and get a new job that doesn’t support tyranny. Healthy asymptomatic ppl have the right to be left alone with anything medical. Including healthcare workers.

  11. I’m mad liberal but I honestly agree, freedom is about freedom, not just what you agree with

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