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Suzuki hayabusa Few sportbikes have carved a place in history quite like the Suzuki Hayabusa. When it debuted in 1999, the ‘Busa leveled the other players on the playing field like a shockwave and remains one of the most breathtaking performance bikes you can buy.

A midlife update in 2008 included aerodynamic refinements, while a 41cc displacement increase bumped the liquid-cooled inline-4 to 1340cc, giving it a boost in bottom-end torque that blends seamlessly with its blindingly fast top-end rush. Suzuki has foregone traction control, entrusting a rider’s unfiltered right wrist with 170 rear-wheel horsepower and 102 pound-feet of torque, as measured on our Dynojet 250i.

As harrowing as that performance may sound, in practice, linear power delivery makes the brute quite manageable. If full output in the A-mode ride map proves too much, two additional modes offer softer response. Fluid clutch engagement, robust off-idle torque, and well-sorted fueling add up to super-smooth departures from stops and excellent shift action through the six-speed gearbox. Engine vibration maintains a pleasant coarse growl at lower revs, morphing into a tingling intensity that passes through the handlebars above 5,000 rpm.

Freeway ride is plush, while the standard suspension settings also provide chassis composure at peg-scratching cornering speeds. Anti-lock brakes are standard. While a firm two-finger squeeze delivers tire-howling, ABS-cycling stopping power, initial bite is less aggressive than that of many sportbikes. Not such a bad thing since the Suzuki tends to stand up when the brakes are applied midcorner, and more aggressive bite would certainly exacerbate this. Still, this bike deserves better brakes. Long live the king of raw, unadulterated performance.

|2014 Suzuki Hayabusa
ENGINE|DOHC, four-valve inline-4
BORE & STROKE|81.0 x 65.0mm
RAKE / TRAIL|na/na
FRONT SUSPENSION / TRAVEL|Inverted fork / na
REAR SUSPENSION / TRAVEL|Single shock, link type / na
FRONT TIRE|120/70ZR-17
REAR TIRE|190/50ZR-17
FRONT BRAKE|Dual Brembo discs
REAR BRAKE|Single disc
WHEELBASE|58.3 in.
SEAT HEIGHT|31.7 in.

The Gixxer is a real sport bike…its a race replica. The Busa’ a big, powerful, GT road bike. I’ve ridden them both too, and I remember the 1300+ motor in the Busa’ felt smoother to me, and the added weight gave the bike a more plush and planted feel, more like a sport tourer.

They’re different rides for different riders. I wouldn’t take the big bike to the track, and I wouldn’t take the Gixxer cross country, but with bar risers and some bags, crossing many state lines would not only be no problem on the Busa’, it would be comfortable. And you could make those additions to the stock bike for a lot less then other manufacturers are asking for their high power, heavy weight sport tourers. I could see the Busa’ being morphed into a full on big sport tourer for that crowd…can you see that Suzuki?

The Busa set a standard when it arrived as ‘THE’ big, fast GT ‘drag’ bike, and created a category. I think they’d continue to offer it as that even if they were to offer a sport touring off shoot…they’ve sold more than a few. Kawasaki has since upped the ante with there amazing ZX-14, which is a better overall bike. I’m betting there will continue to be enough fans of the big bird out there to keep it on show room floors for some years to come…but Suzuki will probably have to offer it with a competitive electronics package if it’s serious about extending the bikes run.
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#Suzuki Hayabusa Meter Lock Top Speed #trending #suzukihayabusa #meterlock #foryou #shortvideo #reels #speedzerometer 2022

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