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You are on the PRO Robots channel and in this issue of technology news we will tell you about the new developments of Facebook (Meta), thanks to which robots will not only be able to see and hear, but also to feel the world. Facebook will also close its facial recognition system due to public concerns. Robot-dogs are competing for consumer attention and learning new things, space robots are being tested on the ISS, and new, more functional robots are emerging for cleaning around the house. Read more about this technology news and more in this video!
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0:00 In this video
0:24 ReSkin robot skin
1:47 DIGIT touch sensor
2:19 Facebook shuts down facial recognition system
2:49 Jueying Lite 2 robotic pet from DeepRobotics
3:13 GO1 from Unitree Robotics is capable of descending stairs
3:31 Oncilla, a four-legged robot
4:02 Testing the GITAI S1 autonomous robotic arm
4:25 Developments by Sarcos Robotics for manufacturing industries
4:49 DeKonBot 2 cleaning robot
5:27 Microcyclopters maneuverability
5:39 Laserweeder for removing weeds
6:13 Unmanned Pod trucks from Einride
6:45 Yandex delivery from Carrefour in Dubai
6:59 Testing the Marker robotic security guard

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