This week on Rebuild Rescue we’re diving right back into our Cessna 401 project! After over 15 years of being exposed to the elements outside we will finally be bringing this airplane inside our new hanger to start the cleaning and repair of the engines!

After the insanely disgusting job of blowing as much bird debris out of the exposed engine as possible, the engine is finally starting to look clean, and the turbo is accessible enough to get the oil feed line off and start working on getting the turbo to spin freely.

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20 thoughts on “Taking Our Free Abandoned Airplane Home!”
  1. Just make sure an A&P is in the building if your not since it’s certified air plane. I want to see you finish this so bad and not have issues. Someone will have to sign off on all work. Best of luck on this process.

  2. The hangar addition is amazing, very happy for you guys and looking very forward to seeing all the great videos come out of here!

  3. you need to make some wood frame boxes, no bottom – but staple in tarp. put under each engine and with vacuum and compressed air knock it down to the ‘pans’. a pumpup sprayer might help with light washdown. now you have FOD all over the hanger deck.

  4. Had to subscribe, to see if you get a free 401, I’ve flown them many years ago, part 91 & 135, and turned wrenches on many aircraft and jets. You’ve got a great challenge, most A&Ps start with pressure/Steam Wash the whole Engine and aircraft before pulling in hanger. Makes job easier, we’ll hope you get her started, worst thing for Aircraft is to set and never fly, just think, I used to fly in 2001 a 1944 DC-3/C-47 with 145000 Airframe Hours on her. Keep up the Good Work!

  5. A cloth mask wont protect you from the viruses and bacteria in bird droppings, just like it wont protect you from COVID.

  6. Coveralls, full face respirator, and gloves. There are over 60 diseases you can get from bird waste. You can get a respirator for $50 on amazon. It won’t be perfect with the beard, but it will help a lot. Especially when gutting the interior.

  7. Emagine there is a bird left in there wondering why the fuge a 8 Ball is flooding his home with compressed air

  8. “I have no experience with instrument conditions, but I’ll just fly through this soup, like we men do. It’ll be fine.”

  9. I was surprised that they didn’t make you clean and powerwash the plane before bringing it into the hanger.

  10. I rebuild Vehicles for Fun
    The P.O.S. that was left to Die, I get for $$$
    Home Made Hot water tank & Pressure washer = Steam Cleaning.
    Is how I clean mine down to the frame, before pulling anything apart.

  11. very cool project, but why didn’t you pressure wash the outside and gut the inside before bringing it inside the hanger?

  12. There’s no fucking way I’d sit there with compressed air blowing old bird shit in my face. Pressure washer!!

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