Even as the world battles Coronavirus and its various variants, many people still remain unvaccinated. Popularly known as anti-vaxxers or vaccine-sceptics, even after months of vaccine being readily available, these people refuse to get vaccinated. This city is planning on taking harsh steps against its unvaccinated citizens. Find out more.
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19 thoughts on “Tax for unvaccinated! A Canadian city is doing this | World News”
  1. The Vaccine Mandate is getting outdated soon, considering its inefficacy against Omicron and its short-lived efficacy. Its days are being counted down.

  2. Sounds like “Hail Hitler” to me. If your in Canada and unvaccinated don’t get on any trains. It may just take you to an interment camp.

  3. So if unvaxxed require more med and therefore our masters say that they should be taxed, then obese people should be taxed more too…and drug addicts…and alcoholics, and single parents, and people with HIV, …

  4. We will VOTE for the candidate who will support unvaccinated people 🙂

    You should use your Power to let them do what you want.

    If you force us to Vaccinate we will never Vote for you.

  5. Tax on the unvaccinated is a very fair action, after all government is just enforcing vax which is backed up by science. It is for the welfare of the people and its country as well as the world, hows that?

  6. Better have that Star of David ✡️, or there’s going to be hell to pay 👹☠️😳❓❓❓ Call to 🇨🇦, STAND with humanity 💪🌎❗

    💉 = ⚰️☢️☣️⚠️❌🆘🇨🇳👹☠️🤮🤢🤕🤡🤒💀💩🤖🏥🚑🚨🛑💸

  7. The punishments for these Covid tyrant politicians will need to be of an extreme nature not seen since the Ancient World.
    Middle aged and older politicians all remember the execution of Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1989 by firing squad. Were any of them deterred from going on to commit their crimes? No.
    Rather more gruesome was the lynching of Gadaffi in 2011. Every adult remembers that. Were any members of the political class deterred from their crimes by that? Again, no.
    They all think it will never happen to them. These Covid tyrants will need to be held to account and punished in ways that will be remembered for thousands of years and make future politicians think very carefully about what they are getting involved with.

  8. It should be noted that the province of Quebec has been running provincial budgetary surpluses in recent years, while nearly ever other province has been in deficit. Quebec could have invested in their crippled health care system but did not. That may well have alleviated the problems they are experiencing today.

  9. People who refuse to get vaccinated are fools. Medical science has long since proven that vaccinations are the only way that diseases like polio and covid-19 can be neutralized and eradicated. Give every genius who refuses to take a shot a one-way ticket to Siberia a few days before the Russian winter embraces them with icy howling winds and temperatures that drop to fifty degrees below zero.

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