The Coming Crypto Apocalypse That Will DESTROY BILLIONS... Cyrpto bitcoin btc News 2022

#The Coming Crypto Apocalypse That Will DESTROY BILLIONS… #cryptocurrency #trading #bitcoinnews 2022

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#The Coming Crypto Apocalypse That Will DESTROY BILLIONS… Cyrpto News 2022, #dogecoin #eth #ethereum #instagood Guides

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70 thoughts on “#The Coming Crypto Apocalypse That Will DESTROY BILLIONS… #Cyrpto, #bitcoin, #btc News 2022”
  1. Good video! Some things are just unexplainable. Why anyone would think that a “token” (not a coin in any real sense) that results from some amount of powerful computer computing would be “valuable” defies rationality. And “mining” for it is pure Orwellian doublespeak. This is more amazing than the 19th-century tulip craze.

  2. Crypto will go down in the history books along with the Tulip Bubble and the South Seas Bubble.

  3. stupid ass hell, as long you dont sell your BTC you havent lost anything… 1BTC=1BTC… if everybody holds their BTC and come back later in 2-5 years ask them if they lost money xd

  4. Cryptos are headed for zero. As Warren Buffett said, crypto will end poorly. A limited supply of nothing.

  5. Ah yes… Solana… why have a central bank control your currency when you could have an unaccountable COMPANY control it instead? 😂😂
    This is what “voting with your dollars means” – whoever owns 80% decides and the rest of you can pound sand

  6. This is way over the top. Solend is attempting to protect most users and people are complaining. This is when you want central emergency efforts to step in from the predatory behavior of a whale.

  7. Its not going to “destroy” billions. You cant destroy what never existed in the first place. All it did was transfer money from lucky idiots to unlucky idiots. Crypto is completely fake. Its not real. Its a video game. Its not a currency – you cant buy coffee with it. The only people using it as currency are criminals, and even they are moving on as law enforcement is getting better and tracking it. Its not an asset – it has no intrinsic value. It doesnt represent ownership of anything like a stock. It doesnt convey a payment obligation like a bond or option contract. It doesnt have physical utility like a commodity. Its only value is if some idiot is willing to give you money for the right to “own” some digits in a block chain. When the supply of greedy idiots was large, the market for this fantasy asset was active and the valuations skyrocketed. But now that the world is running out of such idiots and there is net selling pressure to convert fantasy money into real assets, the speculation is dead and its a crypto blood bath because there isnt anything real to prop up its valuation. All crypto is going to zero in the next few months, and in the long run we will all be laughing at the idiots who thought it was real.

  8. Running FOR the hills. That is, protecting themselves. Lots of info on the Solana thing. Great.

  9. The doom and gloom is making me excited! I had dreams of 5x in the next 5 years. We’re gonna be looking at 10x or more by the time the bottom comes in

  10. Remember. *There’s nothing to stop any crypto ending up or down at any price* . This includes bitcoin. Although I can’t see it going to zero, there’s no magic beans that can stop it falling below $10K. Consumer buying will always ultimately dictate.

    No matter how many exchanges halt trading. That can only stem the tide for so long.

    Also, be aware of wash trading. People buying their own NFT’s at insanely high prices. Then relisting them for sale at a bit less, in the hope that a fool will buy it, thinking they got it cheaper than the original selling price.

  11. Could never understand why people invest in something, that is really nothing, then bid the price up. It is still nothing. It is like investing in a penny stock with $2000 in assets, bid the price up to millions, when the underlying company is just worth $2000. Or the Tulip mania by the Dutch in the 17th century. I know people get in, get rich quick, get out, and leave the trash for someone else.

  12. Solana = Greece and Cyprus bail-ins.
    Already happened in the real world.
    Ethereum is similar, it has a cetral planner, and will only get more concentrated into fewer hand with Eth2.0 staking.

  13. Why is it apocalypse? Maybe for those who bought crypto and now they are losing their money. A lots of printed billions erased. In this case erased billions is actually good thing. When so much printed money is erased there will be less inflation.

  14. …talked to Bernie Madoff last week he called it a Ponzi Scheme and advised me to get out…now !!! Imagine that 😏

  15. Speculative assets always do badly in a recession. Unregulated speculative assets will crater, even if crypto survives this the regulation caused by the scams and this crash is likely to be extremely strict.

  16. Read Mackay’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” (written 1843). He details all the financial panics of history.I always liked the crazy schemes that people have invested money into:-here is one from 1750 :”an important scheme that will yield an excellent return, but no one to know what this is”.

  17. Yes the damage was done and it was a serious hit…. Solana will go downhill faster….

  18. Thanks Stoic. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Celsius short squeeze trending on Twitter right now, maybe on the Stoic Crypto channel.

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