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The countdown has begun… – Tech News Aug 21
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0:00 Intro
2:16 Intel Raptor Lake Specs Allegedly Exposed, 13900K benched at 6.1GHz
4:16 AMD livestream Aug 29 unveils next-gen Ryzen processors; 7700X Pictured
6:22 PCIE 5.0 SSDs hit 10,000 MB/s
8:05 GPU Price Crash Continues
9:40 Ethereum Merge 96% Complete, Countdown(s) to Sept 15 begin
10:58 John Deere tractor hacked at Defcon 30
11:57 ASUS’ ROG Z690 Hero Recall is Old News
12:56 Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” had the power to crash laptop computers

Intel Raptor Lake Specs Allegedly Exposed, 13900K benched at 6.1GHz

AMD livestream Aug 29 to unveil next-gen Ryzen processors; 7700X Pictured

AMD Holding Livestream Event to Unveil Next Gen Ryzen Processors

AMD Moves Ryzen 7000 “Zen 4” CPU Launch To 27th September, Same Day As Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake Unveil

AMD Ryzen 7 7700X Zen4 CPU pictured up close

PCIE 5.0 SSDs hit 10,000 MB/s

Corsair Teases Next-Gen MP700 PCIe Gen 5 M.2 SSD, Up To 10,000 MB/s Read Speeds

GPU Price Crash Continues

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 GPUs to see even lower prices by the end of August

GPU Price Crash Is Making It Hard For AIBs To Offload AMD Radeon Graphics Cards Too, RX 6700 XT Drops Below $400 US, RX 6600 Below $260 US

Ethereum Merge 96% Complete, Looks Like It Will Actually Happen Sept 15

Breaking: Ethereum Merge Progress 96% Complete, Developers Confirm Final Date

John Deere tractor hacked at Defcon 30

Pluralistic: 15 Aug 2022

ASUS’ ROG Z690 Hero Recall is Old News
Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” had the power to crash laptop computers

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#The countdown has begun… Tech News 2022, #programming #pro #techno #techworld Guides

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60 thoughts on “#The countdown has begun… #technews #tech Tech News 2022”
  1. It wasn’t a capacitor, it was a diode that was installed the wrong way around. Most SMD caps are likely non-polarized anyway.

  2. shucks Paul !!! holy shucks Paul !! Paul? just say twenty twenty four for! rip! the co-yoty ate those Paul! what will we do do Paul?

  3. there is nothing cheap about gpus today, the RX6700xt is still 550 euro and up here when it was suppose to be 450 dollars WHEN IT WAS NEW

  4. I’m still scared of that new heat spreader, because I use Conductonaut (liquid metal). Total disaster is only one squirt away.

  5. the janet jackson story in the end was hilarious hahaha
    i guess you can say it also was “disastrous” 🤣

  6. Everyone needs more than their salary to be financiaIIy stable. The best thing to do with your money is to lnvest it rightly because money left for savings always end up used with no returns..

  7. Second video where the studio lights flash briefly. Paul, have you been taken hostage and are trying to signal us? Blink the lights three times next time if so…

  8. And intel still only gives e-cores to the upper-side of their product-stack. But at least this time it doesn’t start with the i5-K but it seems like all i5 get e-cores now.

    I just wish they made some CPUs that are more for non-peak workloads.
    Give us an i3 with 2-4 P-cores and 4-16 e-cores. yes – a 2+16 would be good for content-creation, or for a NAS, home-theatre or emulation-box.
    And why the hell are Desktop-CPUs still limited to 1/3rd the GPU-power of their mobile lineup?

    I am thinking of building a small simple gaming-PC, not for AAA titles but mostly indie-games, retro-games and emulation. With how things are currently going i think i will go with a mobile-platform as they just offer the better hardware for that. AMDs Zen3+ have good CPU-performance and a very strong iGPU, alderlake has 2+8 with 96 EUs for a more efficient platform.

    But desktop chips of both Intel and AMD suck in comparison. What is up with the limit to PCIe3 on Ryzen-APUs!?!?!

  9. 3 years is a long time to remember. But I remember everything, every minute every second. The miners, the scalps the price gougings. So everyone get what’s coming to them.

    Enjoy the surprised Pikachu face.

  10. 2:29 First time I’ve actually seen the video of that guy & he literally looks like a Chinese version of Paul.

  11. Look at the random Q1T1 read speed on that Gen5 SSD: 62MB/sec. That’s a latency wall on the flash itself, adding more bandwidth is not going to help. Unless you are constantly moving giant files around, a PCie 5.0 SSD is not going to feel faster in desktop usage.

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