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You are on the channel PRO Robots and in this view we present to your attention the news of high technology. Robots as people: the most realistic robot humanoid in the world, luxury patching cars of the future, xenobots – nanorobots that have learned to multiply, nanochip for reprogramming living matter, drones with legs, universal robots, robotic cleaners and other high-tech news in one video! Watch the video to the end and write in the comments, which news seemed the most interesting?

0:00 In this video
2:25 Ameca Robot-Humanoid
3:10 XPENG X2 flying car
4:15 Robotic Systems Lab
5:20 3D printed feet for drones
6:10 Silicon nanochip for reprogramming biological tissue in living organism
6:51 ATEA air cab
7:23 Google unveiled its new project – Starline
8:13 University scientists created xenobots that suddenly began to multiply
9:06 MIRA surgical robot
9:31 Moxi twin robots
10:23 American startup DroneDek
11:25 Mid-range rocket – Neutron

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  1. OMG well for the the very Human looking Robot is the best one ive seen so far if that company got together with Boston Robotics I think a fully human working Robot would come very soon or Maybe SpaceX might help

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