The Economy is never going back to normal. Inflation is running rampant and there are huge signs that it will never go away. From crime to the supply chain problems continue throughout everything we do. Thank you for 170,000 subscribers!!! #BillAckman #InterestRates #SupplyChain #iAllegedly #SnoopDogNFT #GaryVee #FlyFish #Target #Walmart #NFT #170K

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5 thoughts on “This Economy is Never Going Back to Normal – Headed to the Abyss”
  1. where is that its not like that in North CA, but I am definately paying inflated prices. I usually pay $180 a week now its like $250, my heating bill went from $130 to $250 that was an eye opener. With these volcanic eruptions and gases going into strat its going to keep the temps lower and were are seeing record breaking winters back east. I checked the weather for 2015-2018 and it was in the 50s early in the morning, in Norcal, and its been dropping into the 30’s so we may be looking at a mini ice age if were still getting these volcanic eruptions.

  2. Ok let’s be honest here. As a retail business you only make money if your product is on the shelves. Many of the food items have sell by dates so you know that if the food was in the store they’d have it on the shelves. They’d stock the food before the shirts and shoes if the had a worker shortage. So they don’t have the merchandise so the politicians are lying to us again

  3. Wel the tax man is already there for the 600 dollar or more so if folks are making 1 million from NFT’s you know the tax man will be lining up to get their um fair share 🙂

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