This leads to a politically deadly situation Forbes Businessnews business 2022

#This leads to a politically deadly situation: Forbes Business News 2022, #entrepreneur #success #marketing

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Forbes Chairman and Editor in Chief Steve Forbes discusses the country’s inflation problem as gas prices continue to rise, the White House’s handling of the current state of the economy and where Democrats stand among voters ahead of the 2022 midterms.

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#This leads to a politically deadly situation: Forbes Business News 2022, #entrepreneurship #startup #businessman

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98 thoughts on “#This leads to a politically deadly situation: Forbes #Businessnews #business 2022”
  1. Americans will be extremely lucky if the current admin does not create an emergency, use new prez power and cancel the next election. It is all intentional – both sides serve the same master.

  2. STOP with the LIES , this is being done on purpose, to crash our economy and usher in Communism

  3. Destroying the economy is good for democrats because the only way you can push socialism on people is by making their lives miserable.

  4. Massive voter fraud has disastrous implications doesn’t it? Zuckerberg should be tried for Treason funding the fraud. What was it? $300-400 million?

  5. Judgement is coming from God and all you politicians are going to pay for Y’all’s evil deeds, you can’t hide from God

  6. Democrats know they successfully stole 2016 election, democrats refined the process so now believe they can do whatever they want.


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