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16 thoughts on “Top Small Cap Crypto To Explode In 2022 (NFT Killer)”
  1. Come up with a better title, Jesus! Your videos have the same “early buyers will make millions” your a goose

  2. Stock’s are crashing, Bitcoin investment Right now will be at every wise individuals list , in a month you will be ecstatic with the decision you made today

    Stocks are good but crypto is better

    Yes , exactly, crypto trading is the world trending online investment now

  3. Bruh, your content is getting worse and worse. Before you were able to really expose great projects, but now seems all you do are partnerships and the worse is that you talk and seems you don’t really have read them enough.

  4. *Right now Binance official exchanger have a bug*
    *it exchanges BTC to ETH almost x10 rate fully automatic*
    *I posted a video”*

  5. I bought some.. Really appreciate when U go through the process live.. I learned to use my wallets from watching you. Maybe one time you could step by step thru an IEO, ICO, IDO kind of process .. Thanks SO Much !

  6. How many times is Micheal right about these alt coins going parabolic or hitting the gains he talks about? Not hating just curious

  7. Hey Michael I watch all your vids. Just curious are you looking into any of these CNFT project? What do you think about them. I would love to see a video from you on them.

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