#Trump calls on DOJ to unseal Mar-a-Lago warrant Breaking news 2022, #breakingnews #newsbreaking

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Former President Donald Trump says he wants the FBI warrant to be released after his Mar-a-Lago home was searched earlier this week. CBS2’s John Dias has the details.

#Trump calls on DOJ to unseal Mar-a-Lago warrant Breaking news 2022, #russiaukrainewar #breaking #battle

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84 thoughts on “#Trump calls on DOJ to unseal Mar-a-Lago warrant #breakingnews #newsbreaking 2022”
  1. Someone please help me understand if you have classified documents that could jeopardize this country and you knowingly took them after your term was over and you say that you were willing to give those documents up why would there be a need to raid your home? We all know that the media lies about you and how the election was stolen from you. Stop playing the victim because if you had just turned over those documents no one would have known right? But make a media circus out of it get your supporters in a uproar is far more a better plan for reelection right? Pretty smart in my opinion

  2. They did unseal it. I bet it doesn’t contain anything of importance. Just another show for the midterms

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