The U.S. reported 1.35 million new COVID-19 on Monday, the highest daily total for any country in the world as the spread of the highly-contagious Omicron variant showed no signs of slowing.

More than 147,000 Americans are in hospital, including 4,400 children. And adding to the burn-out for hospital staff is a death toll that still hovers around 1,600 a day.

The rampant spread of Omicron is now prompting drugmakers to react. Pfizer is set to produce 100 million doses of an Omicron-specific vaccine as it is unsure how long its booster protection lasts.

Reggie Cecchini reports.

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19 thoughts on “US breaks records for daily COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations”
  1. So Pfizer is creating an omicron vaccine now??? So another trial? How can they explain that they’re making people take 3 and 4 shots of this gene therapy treatment and using us as test subjects but are now making a NEW shot at the same time because #3 and #4 of the old one are useless?
    How many shots are ok to take in a year? EXPERIMENTAL SHOTS even.
    Can you accurately be part of two medical trials at the same time? Is any of this dangerous?

  2. They have learned how profitable it is to make a vaccine that kiiiiinda works just for a little while…. Why wouldn’t they want this to keep going

  3. Daily cases are slowly dropping as Omicron burns it’s way through the population. Hopefully by summer we’ll see all this go away!

  4. Unvaccinated …just like a drunk driver…reckless ..Irresponsible, selfish, and they don’t care who they they take out with their actions

  5. Watching from Canada’s West Coast. A friend of ours just bought a covid test kit. Instead of saliva, he used straight whiskey. The whiskey tested positive for covid. Try it for yourself! The PCR tests are invalid! Hence the December 31st release of the new PCR testing.

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