Verizon 5G Home Wi Fi 6 Internet Gateway First Speed Test Seattle WA wifi internet speed test 2022

#Verizon 5G Home Wi-Fi 6 Internet Gateway First Speed Test – Seattle, WA – #speedtestnet 2022 New Güides

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I installed this Verizon 5G Home internet gateway in the West Queen Anne area of Seattle Washington (zip code 98119).

This is the first speed test on on a Windows 10 laptop with a 5Ghz Wi-Fi card.

The result was 292.7Mbps download, 32.18Mbps upload and a ping time of 30ms. I used the closest server in Seattle, WA for the speed test.

#Verizon 5G Home Wi-Fi 6 Internet Gateway First Speed Test – Seattle, WA – #broadband #speedtest 2022

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