We made a homemade survival submarine!
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Can we survive inside of a homemade submarine? We made one out of a septic tank and launched it into a lake!


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By Nicole

20 thoughts on “We Built A Homemade Survival SUBMARINE”
  1. I’m telling you Samuel is like the smartest most handy person. He is an amazing person and so helpful. Can we just give him a round of applause

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  3. I started watching you guys recently and I can’t stop. Your my favorite youtubers. The best out there. You guys can’t be compared too keep up the great work. So creative and mind blowing.

  4. ou mean semi submersible?It doesn’t dive at all.So you basically made a crappy version of a narco sub good job rofl.

  5. I’m kind of glad it didn’t work because it just isn’t the same without Justin there. Now you can take the time to build an even better
    submarine WITH A MOTOR to go in the ocean and everyone can be there to witness an EPIC WIN!

  6. Not going to lie that submarine looked so sketch 😂 you deserve 75K likes for even getting in that thing! Cant wait to see the new and improved one in the ocean

  7. I’m telling you Samuel is like the smartest most handy person. He is an amazing person and so helpful. Can we just give him a round of applause

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