서쪽 약한 눈날림…휴일까지 추위 이어져

Good morning. I’m Lee Seung-min with the latest weather update, filling in for Lee Jee-hyun until tomorrow. Frigid conditions are persisting across South Korea. The capital region again saw minus figures for this morning. Daytime readings will go up a tad, but temperatures will feel colder than the actual readings because of the frigid wind chills. Dressing in layers would be recommended to stay warm.

The capital region will be under clear skies for the remainder of the day. Western parts of the country will see a mix of light rain and snow until early afternoon. In the meantime, dry conditions are prolonging across the East Coast. Dry vegetation coupled with gusty offshore winds can create critical fire conditions. Please take extra precautions against forest fires.

Daytime temperatures will be about 1 to 3 degrees lower than the seasonal average. Seoul and Chuncheon will get up to 9 degrees. Busan 14. Daejeon 13 degrees.

Clear spells are expected for the time being, but conditions will feel close to winter. Next Monday, nationwide showers are in the forecast.

That’s all for now, and here are the weather conditions around the world.

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2021-11-24, 10:00 (KST)

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