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20 thoughts on “We’ve All Been Fooled”
  1. i dont care about triple doubles anymore lol start showing me some quadruple doubles and then well have a talk. the game is played so differently now, anyone can get a triple double. i feel its more a coincidence they win when they have one, than they win because of one. i mean when you have small guards grabbing 10 rebs in a game, it shows how easy it is to get boards. back in the day, it was more position specific, so if you had someone pulling those numbers, it was someone on fire in all parts of the game. now, with everyone doing everything, its easier to get at least 10 points and 10 assists..and the 10 rebs with everyone shooting from 3. or how about this, id have a diff opinion if it was pts, stls, and blocks to some capacity. the fact thats its the 3 same stats most of the time shows how easy it is to get that stat line. blocks and steals are much more difficult to obtain than rebs and assists, in my opinion. moses malone is arguably the best offensive rebounder in history.. his team missed A LOT of shots for to him to accomplish that lol someone averages a triple double with pts blocks and stls for a season, yea his team is winning because of that, no doubt

  2. There’s not one sports analyst I can think of that’s better then jimmy. Your more then just a sports channel your giving us elite level journalism and we appreciate you!

  3. After watching these videos for so many years, I still always finish watching them always wanting more at the end. I could listen to a documentary by this man on Netflix for sure. He should narrate the Lebron one🐐

  4. My main question I’m left with is this: Are teams winning more when players get a triple double, or are players finding it easier to get triple doubles against teams they’re beating. Also interested in the seemingly random increase in triple doubles. Did it happen as a result of the floor being more spread out in the 3 point era as well as the fall in defensive capabilities due to foul calls? I need more graphs Jimmy; where are the graphs?

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  6. There’s not one sports analyst I can think of that’s better then jimmy. Your more then just a sports channel your giving us elite level journalism and we appreciate you!

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