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20 thoughts on “When people cough in 2023”
  1. The baby: coughs :also the baby: looks around :his mind: OH SHIT IM DEAD BUT I CANT TALK DAMN IT NOOOOOOO

  2. Ppl like this with overreacting comedy make me wanna get rid of all my social media but yt is infected with this too… #shortsgottago

  3. Now if she does truth or dare then the mom picks dare and the person says what the weridst thing that happen to you then the mom says I had a baby put back in me because of a cough😂😂✋💀 please while typing thus I died multiple times

  4. Action by Canadian Government
    Ansley said even if this bill is passed this fall, many Chinese citizens who are alive today could lose their lives before then. This is a frightening reality.

    He said involvement in organ trade or organ harvesting is a criminal activity. But right now Canadian citizens can legally go overseas and receive organs on demand, which means that Chinese citizens would be killed to facilitate the organ transplant. The only way for Canada to stop the killing is enforcing a criminal procedure inside Canada.

    Mr. Ansley further explained that because there is no judicial independence in China, courts are a low-level government agency operated under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Directed and controlled by the CCP at all levels, the Chinese justice system is not a real legal system. Rather, it is part of the systematic fraudulence by the CCP, with judges playing the role of low-level public employees.

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