월드뉴스: “입국” 판결에도 “추방 검토”…조코비치 vs 호주 ‘2라운드’

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Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic won a court battle on Monday allowing him to stay in Australia to play in the Australian Open.
However,… the Australian government may be preparing for a second set,… as it may threaten to cancel his visa for the second time.
Shortly after the Federal Circuit court reinstated Djokovic’s visa,… after officially initially deciding he didn’t meet the criteria for an exemption to an entry requirement that all non-citizens be fully vaccinated,… government lawyer Christopher Tran told the judge that the minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs will consider whether to exercise a personal power of cancellation.
While sources say the minister has yet to make any decision yet,… such a decision would mean the Serbian could again face deportation and could miss the Australian Open which begins next Monday.

The heavily indebted property firm China Evergrande Group has moved out of its headquarters in Shenzhen to another property in the city,… in order to cut costs.
The company issued a statement on Monday,… after a Chinese media outlet reported that the company had moved its headquarters from Shenzhen to nearby Guangzhou.
The company says its has moved out of Shenzhen’s Excellence Centre,… a property owned by another company,… to a building that Evergrande owns in the city.
No further details on the new set-up were provided.
Evergrande is the world’s most indebted developer,… currently struggling to repay more than 300 billion US dollars in liabilities,… including nearly 20 billion dollars in offshore bonds deemed to be in cross-default by rating agencies last month,… after it defaulted.
By Monday afternoon,… the company’s logo had been partially removed on one side of the Excellence Centre.
Evergrande was founded in Guangzhou,… but moved to Shenzhen in 2017.

Massive floods around South Africa’s eastern coast city of East London have killed at least ten people,… and left hundreds without homes,… since the weekend.
Local media footage showed rivers bursting through banks,… leaving roads inundated.
It also reported that hundreds of homes had been washed away in the iron-roof informal settlements just outside the city.
Scientists predict that climate change is the cause of the worsening floods and droughts along South Africa’s eastern coastline.
The deadly flood comes despite the country’s Department of Environment drawing up a plan for the country to adapt to climate change in 2019,… which included strengthening its preparedness to respond more quickly to weather disasters and help victims recover.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

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2021-01-11, 10:00 (KST)

2 thoughts on “World News: Djokovic wins court battle, but could face another visa ban”
  1. Novak Djokovic should take this time to leave Australia. There is a law in Australia and he has to abide by the law. Canberra is quite serious about the visa. They will also arrest him again and put him in a detention center again. No one will be able to help him if this happens. I have to give fair warning.

    No Vax Novak must leave Australia.

  2. Novak Djokovic is being persecuted for a thought crime 😢
    Doctors have been denied entry to Australia because of their view on vaxines😢
    It is a crime in Australia for Doctors and Nurses to speak out about vaxines😢
    Fact Check Please ☝️
    Australia is literally East Germany with koalas 🐨👺 😢

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