Topics in order with timestamps:
1. World News Update @2:20
2. Boris Johnson & BYOB Party @7:04
3. Quebec Social Media Flight Mayhem @15:23
4. Novak Djokovic vs Australia @25:23
5. Finland @35:06
6. USA/UN vs NK Sanctions @46:19
7. Prince Andrew @50:29
8. Pig Heart Transplant @51:14
9. Name that Quote @59:36
10. True or False @1:03:07
11. Danny’s Hair @1:07:22
12. Card of the Day @1:08:52
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20 thoughts on “World News Jan 13th 2022 w/@Bathrobe Tarot – Danny Shay”
  1. I’m originally from St. Louis and for Clayton to close stores that’s big financial news. Clayton is one of the wealthiest areas in the area. Shopping there is big $$$$$$.

  2. Govt of N.Korea and Quebecois social influences.. similar entitlement mentality. Extremes, yet the same energy manifesting

  3. I’m glad you didn’t edit out the inappropriate parts. A good laugh is healthy. Love you both. Thank you Andrea and Danny.☮️💖🎶

  4. You are right on Andrea, with your description of the A-Holes from Quebec. I also heard they trashed a hotel room too. The girl that won the trip should be an exception BUT, yes big fines, passports taken away, no healthcare while they are away nor when they come back, and a permanent fly ban. These jerks and the tennis player have been super-spreaders and the health of the host countries, are at stake, as the people who surrounded these useless tools

  5. The lockdowns across the “free world” needs to be kept a close eye on by those of us that value our freedoms. It feels like we are being incrementally losing our freedoms. Are we the slow boiled frog right now?

  6. Are they killing the pigs for their organs? When are we all going to realize we have the power to heal ourselves?

  7. Shame on Canada! Shame on Quebec! Our free rights are being taken away from us which is completely startling. People should be revolting, they are getting vaccinated and still being held down. WTF?

  8. I will NEVER forget reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, my best friend said oh that’s a really depressing book, AND IT WAS! Thanks so much the around the world tour!

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