Worse Than Epstein The Crypto Allegations Cyrpto bitcoin btc News 2022

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“A Dying Nobody” (true to their name, anonymous, and unverified on social media) has rocked the crypto community with a series of allegations, and a dead drop info claim that if true, would shatter the space to its very core.

It could be real, it could be malware, or it could be an impossible claim with no basis in reality… but one thing is definitely true. This one, brand new anonymous account has gone viral in cryptocurrency circles with some of the most explosive allegations imaginable.

THE THREAD: https://twitter.com/adyingnobody/status/1534021154674966529

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#Worse Than Epstein – The Crypto Allegations Cyrpto News 2022, #dogecoin #eth #ethereum #instagood Guides

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69 thoughts on “#Worse Than Epstein – The Crypto Allegations #Cyrpto, #bitcoin, #btc News 2022”
  1. Fair warning, yes use a burning laptop but please use a virtual machine instead of ruining a laptop you just bought. Hopefully this is true and exposes the biggest ïnfluncer” scammers in NFT and Cyrpto.. so many are getting arrested for fraud but lets hope.

  2. As you are working with Callum Uptom, you might want to include Josh Strife Hayes too, he could be useful. I see Kiratv also covered this story.

  3. I hope this doesn’t come true, but…

    “A Dying Nobody” didn’t k*ll himself.

  4. Some of the senteces and paragraphs in that twitlonger reminded me very much of a bad wow expansion “leak” but I guess we’ll see. I suspect there are very few things some of these crypto bros won’t do

  5. I somehow doubt this is legit. If these allegations were true they’d just dump the info wherever they could but instead this relies on you downloading a file that is more than likely a virus. This is probably a scam to phish crypto wallets since the only people who would look at this are people /in/ the crypto space.

  6. Nobody cares about assassinations just like nobody cared when Julian Assange published video showing the murder of journalists and aid workers by US military.

  7. I’ll be honest with you UEG, I think it’s just another brazen scheme to scam people out of their cryptocurrency by promising something massive. Every time I hear about something crypto related my mind immediately goes to “this is a trick, this is a scam, don’t trust it.”

  8. Welp pack it up boys, scams with real money exist, therefore money isn’t functional! According to UEG’s logic anyway.
    Like dude ffs. Yes 99.9% of crypto right now is just scams or memes. Doesn’t mean it’s not a functional technology as it’s core. We’re just not meant to use it now just like the internet wasn’t worth using in the 90′.

  9. Guy is dying but hypes people up for 2 weeks before dropping info.

    Guy has extremely sensitive info but gives 2 weeks for guilty parties to destroy evidence.

    Guy wants to spread info but only to specific people on a specific waiting list instead of just instantly dumping it all on multiple platforms.

    It’s a larp, if the 130GB file isn’t just a month long video of a Rick roll I’m gonna be seriously disappointed.

  10. I feel like you should drop the “Gamers” part of the name for this YouTube channel since you’re going all-in in this quality kind of news reporting & speculative journalism.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. With all due respect, your video quality is quickly declining. This is so clearly fake to anyone with any knowledge of how telegram works.

  12. You’re a voice of reason and truth, something we’re running low on.

    Keep up the good work 🤜🏾

  13. You should just countertrade these “influencers” … either they get countertraded by whales or they’re in on it and give wrong advice on where they expect the price to go.

  14. This screams of one of those accounts that makes allot of big claims before vanishing because they made it all up.

  15. A separate laptop alone isn’t enough, you must also access the internet via some public Wi-Fi not the one you use at home — some malwares can spread using the local wi-fi to the connected devices

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