Wowhead Weekly Economy Wrap Up #202 – 9.2 Gold Making News #newschooltattoo #newstuff, İnternational news 2022

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Summary of the gold making news in World of Warcraft as written for the Wowhead Weekly Economy Blog. This is issue #202 where we talk about the 9.2 release news as well as go through 9.1.5 gold making tips and tricks.

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Wowhead Weekly Economy Wrap Up #202 – 9.2 Gold Making News İnternational news ukraine war, ukraine, russia ukraine tensions, ukraine crisis, 2022

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2 thoughts on “Wowhead Weekly Economy Wrap Up #202 – 9.2 Gold Making News #İnternationalnews 2022, #newsong”
  1. Based on the data i have for the mission tables gives me 1700 daily raw gold per character. That’s not counting in everything else that you will make from the mission tables. Just wanna make sure people don’t underestimate how good the mission tables are. Once they are fully setup you can get anywhere from 5000-10000g in total value from everything daily per character that you have so it’s quite insane + considering the upgrades it will probably get in 9.2 once that comes on

  2. ah, im so happy you made this video, being dyslexic i often dont have the patience to read the wowhead article so having it in video form is amazing, thank you! <3

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